Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I have some updates for you all:)
- Enjoying not being in school for two weeks! So far I've gone to ethos, gone shopping, rock climbing, worked out with my man, gonna have some coffee time with my BFF, then my man is making me dinner! Im very relaxed for sure!
- Another important fact - I got straight A's this summer so I have ALL A's in Grad school so far ! Yea!!!!
- My grandma is getting a little better everyday and she is so excited that I am coming up Sunday to have a picnic and paint nails:)
XOXO God is great!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

last test of the summer semester

So tonight is my last test of the summer:) I am soooo happy it is my last year in grad school. It has been a LONG year of school and i can't wait to start a new chapter in my life for sure. First on the agenda is to have lunch with my BFF friday! I am VERY excited. Sunday I get to see my grandma for her Birthday weekend and i can't wait! During the short 2 week break I am going to also really work on my blog and figure out how to add some cool stuff to it. Be on the lookout for sure:) ttyl and wish me luck on my test tonight!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finals week

So I had my last KB class at Valencia today and it went GREAT! everyone did sooo well and I took pics so I will put them up asap! I was so proud of them, they all came a long way 4 sure. I got news also that Valencia is letting me design a Bootcamp course in the Spring so I am really excited for that! I am also in the processes of trying to figure out how to add more fun stuff to my blog so keep checking back!
So far the Doctors decided not to do surgary on my Grandmother because it is to risky for her heart, but she still has the broken bones near her femoral artery so they are going to discuss tomorrow about stinting it and the risks of that option...I am praying and appreciate all of my friends thoughts and prayers and for just being their to talk! I also want to give a shout out to my boyfriend that woke up early just to see me today:) I LOVE YOU BABY!!!
TTYL and tomorrow is my UCF KB class final so I will update tomorrow how it goes:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some news and notes

Hey All!
Well I finished all papers for the summer and only have a test left:) Very excited for that! It's finals week in my classes and I am very excited to see my student's routines for Kickboxing!
On a sad note, my grandmother is very sick in the hospital in Daytona:( She is in pain and if she gets surgery she has only a 10% chance of getting out of it alive. I am praying for her and her happiness and I hope that you all will too! She is really my only Grandma and I love her SOOO much:) I hope God lets us have her longer here with us.
Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting. ~Author Unknown


Friday, July 31, 2009

One week left

So I have one more paper and one more test for the summer! I am so excited to be done this semester! It has been a hard summer for sure ! The part of this summer I LOVED was teaching my KB classes at UCF and Valencia:) I have had a great experiance at both and made some great bonds along the way. I am really thankful for that experiance and am excited for the Fall to meet more people! I am so thankful for my BFF and Man for their support through my emotions this summer (and it has been abundant for sure) and their love for me. I also want to give a shout out to my girl Donna from my summer A kickboxing course . We have really become freinds and made my first time as a teacher at UCF a joy. On a side note, My final paper is really annoying me because of the weirdness of the question (what else is new from our teacher)...I mean who the heck asks about the physiological implications of living 100ft below water! WTF ugh...but, I know my man and I can get through it with our GREAT writing skills of utilizing references in unconventional ways;P
Well I am watching food tv and need to really turn it off because it is making my hungry lol..!! I will keep you updated about my great paper:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As my last summer semester ends....

As my last summer semester ends as a student I find my self excited for the future today. I really LOVE teaching students in my KB classes at UCF and Valencia. I had a great class this morning and tried out a new way to do a lecture. We played a game show and had teams. I think they really liked the change of pace! I find myself really enjoying how the students seem to be interested in fitness and health and ask questions after class. As they tell me about their change in patterns, diet, or even thought process it makes me so happy to know I am helping share my passion for the industry! I remember how I was when I forst got into a healthy life, I was so excited and wanting more! I am also going to start to share some workouts on this blog so I can share my philosophies for training as well. Here is the first one:)
Cardio Interval -
Warm up walk brisk 5min
jogging for 10 min straight, at the ten min mark start to preform 8 counts of high knees and butt kicks of each. do this for one minute total
after this (you WILL be sweaty!)
go into a 30 sec all out sprint. This will def dip into your anaerobic system and increase your vo2.
take a 5 min brisk walk and repeat this 2 more times.
end the workout with a walk and stretches while breathing deaply and calmly. I like to try and make play lists on my ipod to help me in these type of workout. Pick a techno fast song for the anaerobic sections and something like a black eyed peas for the running parts.
for the cool down i like the fray:) and jason mraz....
hope you like it!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey All!,
So as many of you know I am in grad school with two semesters left! I am SOO ready to be done:) As I get closer to my senior year I find myself just needing a bit of control since SO much is feeling out of my control! I know no one knows the future, and we prob. do not want to either!, but at times I yearn for SOME control! Be it classes, papers, work, future jobs in my field, or my loved one's....I sometimes feel spinning and turning. I am sure everyone goes through this as they enter a new "phase" of their life, but my goodness it is annoying!
So as I get advice to relax and not worry I find myself still worrying! Well, I think I just need to do what my Dad always tells me whenever I get overwelmed....."Heather, remember your past successes and things always seem to work out for you". I guess I just need to write that in my wallet or something:) I also think I need to start up my journal writing (hence this long post) and read a verse out of the Bible every night again. I always pray but maybe my prayers should be simplier in nature (as my prayers tend to be WAY long). So for now deap breaths, God, my Dad, and my ever patient boyfriend are helping me more than I think they know!